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A picture of Andre in front of a store front, wearing a blue colored shirt under a blue and grey sweater.

Andre has always believed in community service.

Community service has always been at the heart of everything Andre does. He believes in the importance of showing up, helping out, and advocating for the diversity and heritage that makes the 48th Ward such a special place. He is an educator at heart and a supporter of pragmatic and progressive politics throughout the state. Andre also believes that the practical problem-solving we need will take an expansive view of how communities and local government work together.

Andre first moved to Uptown when he took a position with City Year Chicago.  For a year, Andre took the CTA from his home to the West Side and was struck by how different, in resources and services, communities that are within the same city can be.  He turned to progressive politics as a way to address those inequalities – staffing campaigns for Tammy Duckworth and Sheila Simon.

Andre became a locally-focused real estate agent to allow himself to begin building a family with Hannah, the love of his life, and Oscar, their labrador-pit rescue dog. Andre knows what it is like to work hard, save up all of your money, and then finally be able to buy your first place. He wants to help others be able to do the same. And it allows him to continue to be involved in the community he loves as a member of the Friends of the Edgewater Library and the Auxiliary Board of the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The issues effecting the 48th are as connected as we are.


Andre knows that a diverse mix of housing is important to support our community.  He believes in practical solutions to keep housing affordable and available to everyone.


Andre understands that folks want an Alderman who is responsive, involves the community in decision making, and makes sure that potholes and sidewalks are repaired.


Andre supports abortion rights and understands that there is so much Chicago can do to improve access for all of our citizens and those who must travel for care.  He also would like to see the city reinvest in mental and physical health care throughout the city.


Seniors are at the heart of our family and our community.  Andre supports measures that help keep seniors in their homes and make public services more accessible for everyone.


Andre supports the teachers and schools in our community and believes everyone has the right to a quality education.  He supports the elected school council and changes to school funding to make sure all kids have access to libraries and the arts.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are the economic engine of the 48th Ward.  Andre believes that the city can do more to make it easier to start a business and invest in our community.


Andre believes that safety is connected to housing, education, and the green spaces that attract families and provide activities for our youth.


The 48th Ward has a rich history of welcoming immigrants and refugees from all over the world.  Andre will continue to support that tradition and supports Chicago being a sanctuary city for all.


The 48th Ward also has a rich history that is tied to the LGBTQ+ community.  Andre believes that the city needs to continue to fight discrimination in housing and employment.  He also believes that we can do more to protect our transgender neighbors from violence.

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A picture of Oscar, a stocky built dog, sitting in front of a thought cloud that says "I support my Uptown"

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