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Postcard design showing Andre's headshot, a skyline shot of Foster beach, and the words "Andre Peloquin 48th Ward Alderman."
Postcards are a fun way to engage with voters ahead of an election.  It is one of the many ways we are reaching out to folks in the 48th to tell them about Andre.  Andre Peloquin has always placed community service at the heart of everything he does.  He believes in the importance of showing up, helping out, and advocating for the diversity and heritage that makes the 48th such a special place.  And postcards are one of the ways for us to share that message with others. How can you help?  When you sign up, we will reach out to you with directions on how you can download your addresses and get started.  This is a great way you can support our campaign from the comfort of your own home.  However, you can also be on the lookout for our postcard parties – events we hold throughout the Ward to gather in community and write together. Here are some tips for writing postcards:
  • Handwrite your postcards legibly so they can be easily read.
  • You can use the postcards provided by the campaign or any that you already have on hand. However, please use cards that are inclusive.
  • Only sign your first name or initials. Do not include your return address, email address, last name, or social media handle or account name.
  • Feel free to include why you are volunteering for Andre as part of a personal statement, but make sure to include these details:
    • Andre is running for Alderman to continue the 48th Wards tradition of progressive, practical leadership.
    • Make sure you vote early or on February 28th!

Some other ideas:

  • I am voting for Andre because I am a parent and he will support the elected school board and fight for teachers and strong local schools.
  • I am voting for Andre because he believes in practical solutions to keep housing affordable and available to everyone.
  • I am voting for Andre because he will support our Seniors and our disabled family members by fighting for more accessible city services and programs that allow folks to remain in their homes. 
  • I am voting for Andre because he will continue the 48th Ward’s tradition of welcoming refugees and immigrants to our city.
  • I am voting for Andre because he believes it is important for the city to help small business owners establish themselves in the Ward.
  • I am voting for Andre because he supports abortion rights and will fight for increased access to repro care in Chicago for everyone.
  • I am voting for Andre because he knows the important role our LGBTQ neighors have played in the Ward, and he wants to see the city do more to protect our transgendered friends and family.