Volunteer with Team Andre!

A photo of Andre out with two of his volunteers on Clark street gathering signatures! on Clark Street gat

We need your help!

Are you on social media and can share our content?  We need you!  Do you love calling folks and chatting with them on the phone?  We have phone banking opportunities!  Want to get your steps in and help us collect petition signatures?  Come out knocking doors with us!  Do you love a good party?  Help us toss our next event! Even if you just have a few minutes each week, you can help make Team Andre a success.

Throw a House Party!

A really fun way to help support Andre Peloquin is to offer to host a House Party. These parties are very flexible and allow you to take them in whatever direction you wish. They can be a wine and cheese event after work, a weekend BBQ, a more formal dinner event, whatever works for you and your group of friends! This does not have to be extravagant, just anything that would be fun for you and your friends and neighbors.  

You provide food and beverages (it doesn’t have to be an involved spread, snacks will do). We provide materials about the candidate.  We’ll also send a few volunteers from the campaign to talk to residents about the candidate and answer questions.  Andre will also attend and speak about her platform.

Postcards for the 48th!

Postcards are a fun way to engage with voters ahead of an election.  It is one of the many ways we are reaching out to folks in the 48th to tell them about Andre.  Andre Peloquin has always placed community service at the heart of everything he does.  He believes in the importance of showing up, helping out, and advocating for the diversity and heritage that makes the 48th such a special place.  And postcards are one of the ways for us to share that message with others.

How can you help?  When you sign up below, we will reach out to you with directions on how you can download your addresses and get started.  This is a great way you can support our campaign from the comfort of your own home.  However, you can also be on the lookout for our postcard parties – events we hold throughout the Ward to gather in community and write together.

If you have your own postcards, or plan on making your own, great! And if you have your own stamps that you can use, that would be so helpful for us. However, if you need either, we will arrange to have them dropped off with you!

Phone Banks for Peloquin!

Phone banking is an important part of every campaign – it is one way for us to reach out and talk to folks in the 48th Ward.  This is particularly important in our community, where there are many voters in high rise condos and courtyard apartment buildings.  It is our plan to reach out to all of them and talk to them about the issues that affect them and how Andre will address those.  

How can you help?  When you sign up below, we will reach out to you with directions on how you can login to our phone bank system and start making calls. You can do this from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.  Or, you can join us for our twice weekly virtual phone banks.  We will gather together on Zoom while we make our calls, encouraging each other and asking any questions as necessary.